Yes! The Gin Festival will take place for the 3rd time in Amsterdam (May 18, 19 & 20), for the second time in Utrecht (8 & 9 June) and for the first time in Rotterdam (Saturday June 23).

And how many days?

Rotterdam is 1 day, Utrecht is 2 days and Amsterdam 3 days.

What are the opening hours?

Amsterdam is on Friday Saturday open from 15:00 till 22:00 and Sunday from 14:00 till 21:00.
Rotterdam is open from 15:00 till 22:00, as is Utrecht
On both festival, serving any drink will stop 20 minutes prior to the end of the festival.

What is included in the ticket price?

Your ticket includes many things, so it’s really a bargain, we think ๐Ÿ˜‰ It includes access to the Gin Festival for the session of your choice and a tasting glass. Tasting of the spirits is included in the price as well. There are seminars, tastings and masterclasses, also free for visitors to participate in, as long as there is seating available. If you visit Amsterdam, you can also use the free Gin Ferry from Central Station straight to Undercurrent!

Sounds good, but what if I like to buy a mixed drink?

Each brand will sell you their Perfect Serve, a.k.a. the best way to enjoy their spirit or mixer. You can pay with coins, which you can purchase at the Festival. A coin costs โ‚ฌ 2.80 each, a mix will cost 1.5 to 2.5 coins, for which you will get a proper mix, with ice and garnish. One sidenote: to abolish all plastic cups at the Festival you can purchase your own longdrink for 1.5 coins, to enjoy the mixes. These aren’t your average boring glasses, but they are awesome Libbey glasses!

Wait a second, so I purchase my own longdrink glass?

That’s right. After careful consideration, we decided that this is the best way to minimize plastic waste and to keep the prices for the mixes low. You can purchase a nice longdrink glass at the Festival for 1.5 coin (โ‚ฌ 4,20 total) which will be yours to keep. If you need it clean again, you can go to a Cleaning Point to clean or trade the glass.

And if I get hungry?

Balancing food and drinking is very important to enjoy the Festival to the max. Last year we underestimated the appitite of our visitors, leading to long waiting lines for the foodtrucks. That’s why we have enough foodtrucks this year to prevent anyone from going hungry. There will be sushi, fish taco’s, shrimp, burgers and lots of other nice stuff like gin & tonic icecream, cake and oysters. Probably also with gin.
And yes, we have considerably more food than last year, so don’t worry!

And what if it rains?

Of course it won’t rain ๐Ÿ˜‰
OK, there is always a chance of some showers. Fortunately we anticipated on this and have all the stands indoors. We even have set up a large alu-tent for this, so we can accomodate all 60 booths! The boat is also covered so you will arrive dry and safe at UnderCurrent.

What times does the Gin Ferry Amsterdam operate?

The first Gin Ferry is scheduled to depart one hour before the start of the first session and runs all day until 45 minutes after the last session. This means that the first scheduled departure on both days is at 14:00 from Central Station. You can wait comfortably in the Food Area to enjoy a lunch and a coffee. For the way home you can also enjoy the ferry that drops you off behind Central Station again.

I have purchased a ticket, but haven't received it yet!

You have most likely made a typo in your emailadress when you purchased the tickets.
No worries though, send a mail to Albert@mistercocktail.nl and I’ll sort everything for you.

Gin festivals Nederland

Gin is niet meer weg te denken uit Nederland. De afgelopen jaren is het G&T menu een vast onderdeel van elke bar geworden en ontdekken steeds meer mensen dat ze thuis ook perfect kunnen experimenteren met deze mix! Tegelijk komen er steeds meer nieuwe merken op de markt. Het Gin Festival is de perfecte plek om met alle nieuwe รจn oude gins kennis te maken. Je ontmoet de makers ervan, hoort hun verhalen en proeft de lekkerste combinaties.